RDT year in review 2016

2016 has flown by faster than a greyhound. Yet here we are in 2017. A new year is upon us and, without doubt, many opportunities reside on the road ahead. As we prepare to put the pedal to metal, now is a good time to look back in the rear view mirror at 2016.

External social and political factors such as economic uncertainty, Brexit and the election of a reality TV star in the US, have encircled our business community. Such elements have presented challenges to us as a business, with prudent buyers not making decisions as quickly.

That’s why we’ve had to adapt. And adapt we have. In doing so, RDT has hit its targets. Growth has followed in the footsteps of gaining traction in new markets such as education. And an ever-growing portfolio of products and solutions has diversified the customer offering.

What’s more impressive is that success has been achieved against the challenging backdrop of slowing buying cycles. Last year’s success is a direct result of the ever-evolving RDT team – flexible thinkers and doers determined to prevail in choppy waters. This is how we’ve hit our targets and this is why I’d like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you personally.

A very valuable proposition

The year started with the launch of RDT’s new value proposition. A strategic shift in how we present ourselves to the world came in direct response to customers’ needs.

Reality is that things have moved beyond a simple printer or a copier. Value-added resides in offering customers more, in guiding them towards business process refinement.

A parent brand message was therefore designed, under which all our sibling services reside. Business process management is the headline, with process outsourcing, document management, business telecoms and imaging technology hanging off its coattails.

Each service area has its own:

  • Logo, brand name and tagline
  • Strategically designed written and video content

The idea behind redefining RTD’s value proposition idea is a simple one:

  • RDT can now fuel customers’ business with each service on its own or,
  • RDT provides the holistic solution in its entirety

A new website was hung on the coat hanger of this strategy. Each service area has its own homepage and sibling informational supporting pages. This means all visitors can gain valuable and easy-to-consume business insights at the touch of a button.

And, crucially, for many years people have asked us: “What does RDT mean? What does RDT stand for?”

Here’s why you should choose RDT

New markets = new marketing

With a strategic website now live, RDT can reach new markets in the internet abyss. It is a means of instantly connecting with our audience, whether in their pocket via a phone or desktop.

Content marketing: When people are looking to make an informed purchase, they skip their TIVo Box past the adverts on television in favour of searching out useful content online. The information they hunt down impacts on their purchase decision. That’s why we are powering our website with content people care about.

Social marketing: Tweeting? Sharing? Such words are sounding around RDT’s offices as of late with the frequency of “coffee please”. The content we are creating on the website is now being strategically shared across an array of social platforms. Each day, we’re disseminating – or tweeting and sharing!! – content with the aim of brand building, generating more qualified traffic to the website.

The buyers of today are not the same as the buyers of yesterday. They are looking for different and easy ways of obtaining information to help inform their thinking when it comes to business processes.

Thanks to all members of staff who have engaged with the brand on social. Data does actually suggests that when employees share messages, companies not only expand their social media reach, they also get measurably better results.

So it would be fantastic if you could keep this up.

The year ahead

The year ahead looks set to build on the year that has just passed. As the team centres around the new value proposition, additional growth is set to follow.

Our continued success isn’t a happy accident. It’s a direct result of you: our passionate and skilled team. We’re organised and agile, relentlessly creative and still laser-focused on driving forward an experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

What’s really unique about RDT is that we are so much more than just a print business. We are able to deliver next level managed print along with a whole host of strategies and services we are putting to work. These include:

At RDT, everyone is united in growing careers by growing the businesses of clients. It’s a joint effort and because we work in-house, together as a team, we are able to respond with agility to our customers’ needs.

Thanks so much guys!! Now let’s all have a great 2017!!

  • Derek Russell, CEO