Nuance Equitrac print management software

Like the weather, in business change is constant. This creates challenges when it comes to your print systems. When staff want to print, they simply expect to be able to do so. They don’t want to be worrying about print drivers or network connectivity.

And, likewise, neither do you. You want them to be able to get on with their job rather than stuck in a print queue traffic jam that backs up on the M1.

That’s where Nuance Equitrac print management software comes in. Nuance Equitrac delivers the versatility to maximise cost savings and increase security while minimizing print infrastructure costs.

Reduce all the costs of printing

Nuance Equitrac is the gatekeeper when it comes to control, convenience and choice. Its intelligent print management software makes C-3PO look positively average.

Nuance Equitrac makes print work. It makes print cost-effective. Enjoy:

  • Reduced consumables costs due to lower print volumes and optimised output costs
  • Reduced hardware costs due to the elimination of nonessential print hardware and user authentication
  • Reduced infrastructure costs due to automated print driver deployment and the elimination of print servers where appropriate

Reduce IT burden

You know the scene! The printer jams and, who do you call? Nope, not the Ghostbusters, the IT team. In fact, a simple print job can get complicated fast. Then your IT team gets vacuumed into issues including:

  • Mobile workers who don’t know which printer to choose
  • Print driver updates
  • Printers offline or unavailable

When these challenges strike, work stops in its tracks faster than a mannequin challenge. Cut to Equitrac I-Queue, riding into the scene atop a steely white horse. Equitrac I-Queue is the office hero. It solves the common printing challenges that ruffle the features of users and overtaxed IT staffs.

Reduce the burden on your staff and IT team with:

  • One workflow for every printer
  • Full control and measurement of all print activity

Best of all? You can do so with or without print servers!

Print securely

Valuable information flows across all rungs of your print network. Keeping it safe is therefore essential. Secure Follow-You Printing wraps your data up so tight that even those guys from Ocean’s Eleven wouldn’t get a look in.

The software allows you to print from anywhere, anytime. It means you can safely pick up documents when and where you want. No longer will private information be left awash in the tray at the printer for prying eyes to see. This in turn reduces wasted paper, resources and time from unclaimed documents and inefficient print workflows.

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Want to make print work?

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