Ocean travel, 1300. Telephone, 1876. Airliner, 1913. Band Aid, 1984. World Wide Web, 1990. Mobile print, 2016: change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

Gone are the days of pigeons and telegrams. This is a new century – the paint has barely dried. Businesses stay with the times by operating in real-time. With the quantum leap accelerator in fifth gear, boardrooms are seeking out ways to build more productive and responsively agile workforces.

This is no surprise. The world in which we operate is smaller, quicker and better connected. Globalisation has gone global and business is the bastion on the frontline of this revolution.

On the ground, workers no longer simply ply their trade behind desks. The evolution in mobile technology means they operate overseas, on the road, from home and clients’ premises.

Agility, mobility, profitability

Today’s business demands agility, flexibility and speed. But what do we actually know about building agile workforces? Increasing numbers of companies are turning to the print and document management in search of answers to this most sacred of questions.

At RDT, for instance, we fuel our own sustainability by enhancing the mobility of our customers’ workforce. A managed print strategy breaks down the traditional walls of the office in order to foster greater agility and increased control of accessibility, security, governance and operational savings.

Mobile printing, mobile workers

The ability to mobilise workers to meet the demands of volatile markets with speed and agility presents business leaders with a competitive edge. But instilling agility into the infrastructure of an organisation is far from easy.

Where to start? What to do? How to make it sustainable? Like a game show host on a sugar rush, business is faced with a multitude of questions. Don’t be overwhelmed, though.

Simply start things off by understanding the needs of your mobile workers. This knowledge powers the creation and implementation of a print management strategy to optimise their productivity.

Mobile printing = mobile business

We’ve all been stuck in a taxi on the way to a meeting only to realise we’ve left key documentation at the office. Rather than turning up empty handed, mobile printing allows the more agile worker to use their handheld device to send files to print.

Mobile printing fuels workforce agility by:

  • Making printing from mobile devices as easy as sending an email
  • Enabling fast and easy printing to any Xerox or non-Xerox network printer
  • Generating greater operating savings through increased management of mobile workers’ print spend
  • Reducing IT costs by providing the mobile workforce with automated tools and capabilities

Truly agile employees enable companies to innovate and respond in real-time to clients’ needs.

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