How to survive the 2017 education funding shakeup

The biggest shake-up of school funding in England for decades is on the horizon. Against this backdrop, education facilities like yours are scrambling to plan ahead in order to maximise their budget.

Economists and educators alike fear that the Government’s blueprint for addressing regional budget differences will further widen the overall funding gap.

RDT has long worked with customers in the education sector, guiding them towards operational and cost efficiencies when it comes to process, document and print management. So it was with interest that we watched Education Secretary Justine Greening’s announcement.

Unmanaged print processes can weigh heavy on education budgets. As such, we help organisations massively cut these costs so valuable monies can be redirected into core education areas.

The shadow of economic uncertainty looks set to lengthen and the news has triggered a swell in queries from our education customer base. The key concern regards how their education facility can now further maximise their already stretched budget.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some useful steps you can consider in this period of continued economic uncertainty.

School is never out for print

The printers populating the halls of your institution are frequented by multiple users. Teachers print off class materials. Students run off homework. Admin produce parent-centric materials.

Each and every day, you handle high volumes of curriculum and communication material. Optimising these processes can therefore massively increase productivity, whilst cutting annual print costs by 35-50%.

Alongside budgetary requirements, flexible, easy-to-use and cost-efficient multifunction devices are therefore needed to meet the demands of your dynamic educational environment.

The question is: how can you print off better returns?

Paper cuts that reduce budget cuts

Paper cuts don’t always have to hurt. Simple measures such as double-sided printing reduce paper consumption by 50%. Likewise, printing controls can be placed on specific students and departments.

By making your office more paper-efficient, you can:

  • Save money
  • Increase productivity and efficiency through improved document workflow
  • Put less strain on the environment

The outcome is always a win-win when it’s good for administration, costs and the environment.

Money-saving technology

There’s a perception that new technology will eat away your budget. Reality is, any technology should be acquired against your organisation’s actual needs. This way it will strategically deliver cost and operational efficiencies.

Take applications that reside on your multifunction devices, for instance. Apps can enable the automation of previously paper-intensive document workflows. They let you know where the files are going. They let you store them securely and decide who can access them.

The tech also enables the integration of multifunction devices with staff and students’ tablets.

Here’s 7 simple tips to achieving an optimised document workflow

InVentry Visitor Management Solutions

One area your organisation can’t compromise on is security. How secure is your educational facility? Are you able to validate and identify what visitors, students and staff are on site? With the InVentry Visitor Management System you can.

RDT is a specialist in InVentry integration and management. The system enables you to accurately monitor who is in your school at any one time. All information is securely encrypted to a central database.

Contact us for more information about the InVentry visitor management solution

Educate print & document engines with a FREE MOT

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The process is no-obligation. The outcome is control for your organisation’s document workflow. The first step towards streamlining the flow of information across your business starts right here today.

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