Xerox Supplies Service: video guide

Xerox Supplies Service is convenience incarnate for business. Just ask Ollie and Jensen. As they’ll tell you, Xerox Supplies Service makes your print work. It also helps you cut costs by 25%-40%.

With the cloud-based Xerox Supplies Service software, you can proactively monitor all print devices on your network regardless of brand. And, best of all, it notifies your preferred supplier automatically when replacement toner, ink or device service is needed.

Xerox Supplies Service: easy as 1-2-3

Here’s how Xerox Supplies Service works:

  1. Identifies and monitors all major brands of printers on the network
  2. Anticipates the need for toner, ink or service across all networked printers
  3. Automatically alerts your preferred supplier when replacement consumables are required, which are then delivered ahead of any interruptions

Xerox Supplies Service, featuring Ollie and Jensen: The Grid

Want to know more about Xerox Supplies Service?

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