8 tips to make your office more environmentally friendly

Today, the phrase “eco-friendly” echoes around the walls of offices almost as frequently as, “coffee please”. It’s easy to talk green and the coffee bean.

Actions, of course, speaker louder than words. From a commercial standpoint, the best thing about brewing up an eco-friendly office environment is this:

Environmental sustainability effectively comes down to cutting waste. The less waste, the less cost.

Indeed, like coffee in a cup, environmental and financial sustainability go hand in hand. So here are 8 quick and easy ways to go green in the office:

1. Reduce printing waste

Do you have trigger-happy members of staff who ‘send to print’ every 5 minutes? Reduce printing waste by introducing rules-based print policies that define which users can print what and when.

2. Double-trouble, go double-sided

Reducing paper usage reduces the amount of trees consumed and helps offset the rising cost of printer paper. There are several practical ways to reduce paper usage including: a) leveraging duplex or two-sided printing to cut paper usage b) blending electronic solutions to offset the price of print.

3. Be a power saver

Introducing power-saving measures to put printer systems in standby mode during slow usage times – evenings and weekends – reduces electrical consumption.

4. Turn paper into pixels

Is it necessary to print out a meeting agenda for every member? Digitising paper intensive tasks is a great way to optimise your workflow and reduce consumption.

5. Environmentally friendly paper

Paperless or less paper? Those who manage to achieve a paper-free office should be patted on the back – it’s a lauded goal and one we should encourage. For most of us mere mortals though, whilst digitisation is key, print remains a reality of everyday business life. So look to load your devices with environmentally friendly paper.

6. Update mailing lists

Let’s face it, mailing lists can go out of date quicker than a bunch of bananas. So take a look at your list and make sure it is up to date before sending out unnecessary letters.

7. Photocopier and printer settings

Here’s a simple one: make sure the photocopier and printer defaults back to single copies after somebody has used it.

8. Use smaller fonts

This might seem obvious, but using a smaller font means less paper, toner and energy consumption.

So there you have it: tell us the techniques you use to bring about a more eco-friendly office environment …