Xerox Document Analytics Service

Like Columbo, Xerox Document Analytics Service has the power of detecting incredibly detailed insights about your print and document infrastructure. Oh, and there’s just one more thing: the audit is the bringer of savings and efficiencies.

At RDT, we’ve fallen head over heels for the Document Analytics Service. Of course, as Xerox’s leading platinum partner, we would say that. The real acid test is simple: what does it bring to our customers? Well, thanks to its ability to detect areas of improvement, Xerox Document Analytics Service enables us to help businesses:

  • Discover ways of making document infrastructure more productive through efficient processes and reduced document storage and costs

How does it do this, you ask? Xerox Document Analytics Service incorporates traditional managed print services device data, print job details, audits of filed and unfiled paper, and client surveys.

It gives you a complete view of your entire document setup:

  • MPS data pinpoints paper-intensive processes with greater speed and accuracy compared to traditional consulting methods
  • Qualitative data reveals why documents are printed and stored
  • Innovative, proprietary Xerox tools, analysis, visualisation and modelling provide deep insight
  • Comprehensive reports turn raw data into actionable steps

Xerox Document Analytics Service

Finally, you can view your entire document infrastructure

In business, knowledge is power. And Xerox Document Analytics Service is more powerful than a Dodge Charger driven by The Hulk.

Like Hulk, it creates you green. Unlike Hulk, it won’t make you angry. Quite the opposite, in fact. Xerox Document Analytics Service helps you identify opportunities to control and drive down costs, whilst reducing your environmental impact.

Working collaboratively with your domain expert, we gather quantitative and qualitative data and costs, effectively identify opportunities, risks and anomalies within your document process, and provide recommendations for improvement.

With Xerox Document Analytics service you can:

  • Identify who prints what and where through a quantitative analysis of user print data
  • Clarify and categorise why documents are printed, shared and filed
  • Identify device optimisation, based on print cost compression and what-if scenarios
  • Gain insight into your document usage within business processes and identify opportunities for workflow optimisation
  • Make sure you identify your business objectives and address them with meaningful, actionable recommendations, through our collaborative engagement process

Ready-to-action report

To inform your decision-making, we’ll provide you with a ready to action report. Within the pages, you’ll find recommendations for future action along with benchmark data of how you rank compared to peer organisations.

Whether focused on users, print volume, business processes or document lifecycle management, Xerox Document Analytics Service helps you make informed decisions to drive optimisation of your organisation’s document-intensive processes.

When actioned, your business will reap a huge number of benefits. These include:

  • A reduction in print and document workflow costs by up to and over 50% a year
  • Increased print, document, process and workplace productivity
  • Automated device maintenance and consumables replenishment
  • A digitisation and automation of paper-intensive tasks
  • An unburdened in-house IT team
  • One point of contact for all consumables, service and billing enquiries
  • Continual process improvements

Want to know more about Xerox Document Analytics Service?

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