Managed print services explained

Managed print services explained: why all the hype? Well, put simply, most companies have army of printers, fax machines, scanners and copiers. Assume the giraffe position and take in a 360 degree panoramic view around your office – you can see at least one of these devices, right?

Sure you can. Like the sun, printing is nothing new. But, like the sun, printing remains strong. So the question must be asked as to why should you consider a managed print service in the first place? The best way to answer this age old question is to explain exactly what a managed print service is.

Think of it like IT outsourcing, only for all your imaging, document and printing needs.

Managed print services delivers control to:

  • The devices on the office floor
  • High volume production printing
  • Commercial high impact glossy print

Managed print services enables the smooth running of your devices. This covers remote and onsite technical support, consumables replenishment such as toner and ongoing account management to ensure the fleet is performing to the clients’ specifications.

Managed print services: how does it work?

Managed print services sets the ball rolling by generating real time data about your print environment and what you are actually spending. A strategy is then formulated and agreed with you.

Managed print strategy implementation typically involves:

  • Optimising your infrastructure: In other words, shifting the right devices into the right areas of your business
  • Proactive management: We keep an active eye on your printer network to pick up and resolve any technical issues before they affect workflow. We’ll also monitor toner levels and dispatch new supplies when you’re running low
  • Workplace productivity: With the right technological infrastructure in place, we’ll implement strategies to improve the overall running of your business
  • Continual management: Our proactive approach to print management ensures service performance levels are fulfilled and exceeded over the contract life

Managed print services audit MOT

Managed print services with RDT starts with a free, no-obligation, print and document MOT. The outcome is control for your organisation’s document workflow. The first step towards streamlining the flow of information across your business starts right here today.

To book your free MOT email or ring 0344 264 0791