How do you produce customer-facing collaterals such as booklets and flyers? Do you print in-house? Or do you outsource?

Many enterprises and corporate organisations choose to engage external printers. Among their reasons for this? A belief that:

  • Production printers are too expensive to run
  • Production printers require technical expertise to handle
  • Production printers don’t offer the same quality as an external factory

This isn’t the case. A managed print room means you’ll become the experts. The value of printing in-house always depends on your specific needs. Outsourcing remains the right option for many.

Meet Xerox Versant 80

Bring print in-house with the Xerox Versant 80. Respond to your print needs in real-time. Control print runs, quantities, quality, turnaround times and costs.

Like a classic soap opera twist, Xerox Versant 80 throws a serious curveball into the mix. It is an affordable solution that allows you to maintain the quality you are used to whilst keeping all aspects of your print and copy needs in-house.

Printing in-house means your company can:

  • Massively reduce costs
  • Reduce waste by printing the exact numbers you require
  • Respond faster to customer and internal business needs

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What to do next?

Actions speak louder than words. As your platinum Xerox partner, RDT is standing by to give you a free demonstration of the Xerox Versant 80.

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