Xerox Colour C60/C70: multifunction printer FAQs

The Xerox Colour C60/C70 has just been launched. This model has long been the multifunction printer market leader. As such, current device users have a raft of questions on their mind.

As such, we’ve put together a few answers and questions about the Xerox Colour C60/C70 that our customers have been asking us.

Xerox Colour C60/C70 FAQ #1:

Q: Can I upgrade the current C60/70 Printer?

A: Yes, you can. A free customer installable software upgrade will be available on This was launched on the 4th of October.

Xerox Colour C60/C70 FAQ #2:

Q: Can the current EFi and FFPS controllers be upgraded?

A: Yes, they can. Upgrades for Efi EX/EXi and FFPS controllers will be available to purchase and EFI EX and EXi controllers will be software only and customer upgradable. Please note: FFPSi will require an engineer upgrade, as they will contain both hardware and software upgrades.

Xerox Colour C60/C70 FAQ #3:

Q: How long will the upgrade procedures take?

A: The printer upgrade takes 20 minutes. The EFI EXi upgrade takes 30 minutes. The EFi EX upgrade takes 1 hour. The FFPSi upgrade takes 1 hour with engineer installation.

Xerox Colour C60/C70 FAQ #4:

Q: Will the existing printer be compatible with the new EFI and FFPS controllers?

A: Yes, it will. All configurations of printer and controller will be backward and forward compatible. If the free printer software upgrade is applied, it will enable full access to the new EFI EX, EXi and FFPSi controller functionality. All existing printer options and accessories will be supported.

Xerox Colour C60/C70: got a specific question?

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