Picking a managed print services provider that’s right for your business can be tricky. The irony is that managed print shouldn’t just be about print. A good provider should take care of all your processes from print, technology, software, documents to electronic workflows.

And, underpinning that, you need a solid support structure. So why should you consider investing in a managed print service from RDT? Well, as our customers attest, yes: you’ll get the outstanding service you’d expect from a leading Xerox platinum partner.

Here’s the thing though: we also offer something extra special. Something that will take your RDT managed print experience from amazing to out-of-this-world. RDT stands apart from the crowd as the only UK provider of Xerox and Comptia accredited front line support desks.

Xerox and Comptia accredited front line support desk

Managed print services from RDT brings 50% yearly cost savings to businesses of all types and size. The offering drives innovation and automation for better document security, productivity and sustainability – it’s the backbone of our and your success.

And, when we add Xerox and Comptia accredited front line support desks to mix, these benefits are elevated faster than a New York lift. Accredited front line support desks is our managed print secret weapon, if you will.

Here’s how it works, for you

RDT’s frontline support desk is your complete management centre. It covers all your hardware and software solutions from big devices to small, from Xerox devices to non-Xerox devices. Unlike many other managed print providers, RDT’s internal team is setup to be your personalised help desk.

This means you’ll always achieve the highest possible standards in terms of printer management support and solutions. And, at the centre of the services resides you, the customer. Your front line help desk is the epitome of this.

Print off better returns

  • Knowledgeable staff
  • A single point of contact who monitors each of your open calls. Your call will never be passed to another team member or department. The person who takes your calls manages the case through to completion. It’s only closed when YOU are happy
  • Calls are routed directly so you’ll never have to contact any other third party
  • RDT monitors and tracks cases that open with Xerox or any other software vendor we are affiliated with
  • Service level agreements ensure any calls you make are dealt with in a timely manner
  • Target numbers aren’t set to close cases. The only target we set is customer satisfaction
  • Your single point of contact shares knowledge with the internal team so everyone is aware of your specific setup
  • Dedicated email for support is backed up with integration of hardware with service tickets

Your frontline desk support team will pro-actively work on your account. As they will have been an integral part of your initial setup, they will have active links in your business. These insights about specifics relating to you as an organisation takes the service above and beyond the traditional manufacturer support you’d get as standard elsewhere.

A support team that understands your business

RDT’s accredited front line support desk ensures you’ll only ever receive the best service. Enjoy a personalised approach to account management. Access people who aren’t only experts in managed print, they are also experts in your business.

For more information about the RDT initiative to give the best after sales support and service email enquiries@rdt-osg.com or ring 0344 264 0791