Whether it’s paperless or paper less, one thing’s for sure: businesses want to print less. This is good for the accounts. This is good for the environment. It’s a win-win target for any organisation.

The idealised office in which paper has been Houdinied away is, of course, a laudable goal. And, during the technological revolution of the 80s, it most certainly looked achievable.

The business community should indeed strive to use less paper – and, where possible, eliminate it altogether. Like a left shoe and right shoe though, expectation and reality travel separately. In fact, with 2016 upon us, the one common denominator across 99.9% of business offices globally is paper.

The aim, then, should be paper less.

The paper cut that doesn’t hurt

Paper cuts don’t always have to hurt. Simple measures such as double-sided printing reduces paper consumption by 50%, for instance. The outcome is always a win-win when when it’s good for administration, costs and the environment.

Likewise, many paper-intensive tasks can be digitised. Cloud-based document management systems are key to this. They serve as a central repository for important documents.

This moves you away from the rigidity of physical documentation. It means no longer wasting resources sifting through stacks of folders to find a single document.


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Paperless or paper-efficient?

Any business capable of achieving a paperless state deserves a big pat on the back. For most of us mere mortals though, paper remains a day to day reality – and an essential one at that.

By making your office more paper-efficient, you can:

  • Save money
  • Increase productivity and efficiency through improved document workflow
  • Put less strain on the environment

Therefore, to attain a more sustainable future, businesses should set the aim of working towards a paper-efficient office. You can do so with the help of managed print and document management.

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