Feeling pressed by customers’ professional printing needs? Then press back with Xerox Versant 80. Work faster. Work smarter. And bring more capabilities to professional printing operation than ever before.

Customers are indeed demanding. Xerox Versant 80 enables you to meet customer demand for shorter run lengths, higher volumes, faster turnarounds, more personalisation, better quality, colour consistency and lower costs.

Here’s 5 ways the Xerox Versant 80 digital press will transform your professional print business.

1. Versant 80: if I could turn back time …

With Xerox Versant 80, you don’t need a time machine to get more hours in the day. Turnaround high-quality and quantity jobs faster to increase turnover.

2. Versant 80: more features than Mount Rushmore

Xerox Versant 80 boasts more features than Mount Rushmore. As such, your business will chisel out better profits.

Streamline print production with:

  • Advanced automation to cut trial and error, waste and operator intervention

Then open up new markets by increasing your service offering with:

  • Envelopes, labels, tabs, business cards, window decals, durable/synthetic papers, greeting cards, textured stocks, polyesters and custom solutions from 52 to 350 g/m2

Happy customers equal happy profits.

3. Versant 80: print to imPRESS

Image quality sits atop most customers’ lists. Rest assured then that Xerox Versant 80 will imPRESS them. Consistency comes as guaranteed on all media types. How? By way of built-in colour management, Ultra HD Resolution and reliable performance.

4. Versant 80: the short and long of it

Produce the short and long run jobs your customers demand. Do so on a range of finishes on exciting new media types. Existing customer satisfaction will be through the roof. New customers will be lining up at the door.

5. Versant 80: colour consistency

Like a high-speed sports car, Versant 80’s Performance Package option maintains top speeds on 350 g/m2 media. Colour confidence is delivered via a spectrophotometer and Automated Colour Quality Suite (ACQS). ACQS is so easy to use that operators can get up to speed with minimal training.

Make print work with Xerox Versant 80

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