You’re having an amazing day at work. The final full stop clicks into place on the report for your boss. “This might be my best piece of work to date,” you say, a verbal pat on the back complemented by a well earned sip of coffee.

Like a cocker spaniel, a distant rustle causes your ears to prick up. Biscuits are making their way around the office. This could be the greatest day of your professional life.

One last thing to do. You click send to print on the computer. Things come crashing down faster than a house of cards in a wind tunnel. The printer refuses to print!

We’ve all been there. The proceeding desire to destroy said printer most relatable. Most of us, however, refrain.

Sledgehammer versus printer

Here’s what happens when a brave office worker declared enough is enough. One question though, why is there a sledgehammer in the office? The printer most likely asked the same thing …