Top 5 business concerns about printer and copier contracts in Nottingham

Like most Xerox users, you probably love your devices. For many users though, that feeling doesn’t always extend to their managed service provider. That’s the sentiment RDT discovered in a recent poll of 100 businesses across Nottingham.

Of those businesses questioned:

  • 85% of businesses believed their ‘managed print contract was failing to deliver on the agreed deliverables’ with 76% citing ‘poor service levels’ as a pressing concern

Why is this the case, you ask? Well that’s exactly the question we put to them. Here’s a breakdown of the top 5 managed print service level concerns expressed by the participants:

1.We’re paying for multiple clicks each time we print colour on a device

The business owners questioned said they were being billed multiple times per colour used for each print job. Upon signing the agreement, all of the participants were unaware of this charge per colour payment structure.

2. Engineer experts demonstrate a lack of understanding of my devices

With a wide range of manufacturing devices in each office, when problems occurred engineers were struggling to resolve the problem first time either remotely or on site.

3. Annual price increases of around 15%

Whilst the business owners expected prices to increase annually on their service agreement, many were surprised to learn these hikes were often in excess of 15%. Tempting starting prices were being hoisted devoid of justification or an increased return on investment.

4. Too much time spent sorting my bills each month

The business owners expressed frustration over the time it took to understand their bill. A preference was expressed for clarity upfront, with one simplified invoice and guidance through the whole contract.

5. My current supplier hasn’t closed down old lease contracts

Many of the business owners agreed with their supplier that they’d settle any outstanding leases before taking the new one. Failure to close them down meant they were paying for two bills instead of one.

Print on your terms, print on better terms

RDT surveyed 100 businesses across the county as part of a local engagement plan after opening a new branch in the heart of Nottingham.
If you answered “yes” or “tell me about it” to one or more of the above, RDT can help. Xerox’s UK Partner of the Year 2016 is right on your doorstep.

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