Document management apps: bespoke or off-the-shelf?

Printing apps are on the rise. So too is the confusion of business owners. “Which printing apps,” they say, “will actually enhance my processes?” The head scratching becomes even more pro…follicle…lific when deciding upon bespoke or off-the-shelf solutions.

Cut to Print IT Reseller Magazine. In their April 2016 edition, the industry opus looked to bring clarity to this most pressing of business process conundrums. How? By taking the Sylvester Stallone approach of assembling the best in the business. Rather than crack commandos though, the panel comprised of print specialists.

Amongst the ranks was RDT’s very own Toni Gibiino. The group marketing director fielded an array of questions around the rising demand for customised applications.

Q) Have you developed customised apps for clients to embed on their MFPs, or does the existing offer from OEMs cover all their needs?

A) Toni: “Yes, we’ve been developing custom apps for Xerox MFPs since the inception of Xerox’s ConnectKey platform. Apps add real value to the basic functions of a typical MFP. At their best, apps offer business productivity beyond the traditional use of the hardware.”

Q) What problems have your customised apps solved?

A) Toni: “In one particular instance, a major global client had made a significant acquisition and was struggling with the challenge of managing two unique document management systems. Both systems required information updates within a specific time frame, which increased workload and manual intervention across the two businesses.

“Our service app provided the company with pre-configured templates that allow documents to be scanned; dynamically renamed to include location details and timestamps; and deposited in several locations as one automated process. The app automated and simplified the process of converting the documents through an easy-to-use interface integrated with Xerox MFPs on 114 sites.”

Q) Do you expect to develop your own customised apps in the near future?

A) Toni: “Without a doubt. We started to invest in the development of apps a couple of years ago, offering solutions for simple tasks, such as scanning to secure repositories, as well
as more complex functions, as mentioned previously. Today, we’re all used to apps on our phones and tablets, so using them to increase productivity in the office is just natural progression.

“Significant client education is still needed before we see wider adoption of apps across business. Most OEMs have some form of offering integrated in their MFPs, but resellers seem to be lagging behind when it comes to articulating the offering to their clients. With MFP apps we have a genuine means of improving productivity across many business functions. With print volumes declining, apps provide a source of new revenue for dealers in the channel.”

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