Xerox Easy Translator Service

From Berlin, Kyoto to Marseille: businesses operate in a globalised economy. And, as the world gets smaller, multilingual document translation services get bigger.

Why is it, then, that document translation remains a source of frustration for many business owners? Put simply, this comes down to a troublesome trio:

  1. Lagging turnaround times
  2. High costs
  3. Inaccurate document translation

Take ‘let’s eat grandpa’ and ‘let’s eat, grandpa’. Your business is one comma away from turning wordplay into word pay. Businesses need an instant, accurate, cost-effective solution and it’s about time someone speaks out. In fact, Xerox just did with its Easy Translator Service.

Xerox speaks out

An iron irons. A runner runs. And, likewise, multifunction devices are multifunctional. Printing, copying and scanning are key. But what about document translation? This function is unique and exclusive to the Xerox® i-Series.

Powered by ConnectKey®, Xerox Easy Translator Service gives your business a way with words. Generate new profit opportunities. Sharpen your competitive edge. And increase incremental revenue with quick and accurate translation in more than 35 languages.

How it works is simple:

  • Your business or your customers scan a document using the Xerox Easy Translator Service App on a Xerox i-Series MFP
  • Documents can also be submitted by uploading digital files from a PC or photographing them with a mobile device
  • With the speed and accuracy of a champion Scrabble player, the MFP then prints a translation

It’s as simple as that. The Xerox Easy Translator Service App even retains the format of the original document.

Easy-to-use, cloud-based service

Xerox Easy Translator Service

Xerox® Easy Translator re-writes the way you do business. No upfront purchase of hardware or software is necessary. Connect via your ConnectKey enabled MFP app, smartphone, or go to the web portal to conveniently solve all your translation issues.

Maintenance, upgrades and support are included. This means your IT overheads are also chopped off. Deployment of the MFP app is fast and hassle-free through the Xerox® App Gallery. Contact RDT for full details

Quick and accurate translations

Unlike Bill Murray, the Xerox Easy Translator Service means your business won’t get lost in translation. Easily translate and localise documents in over 20 formats (paper, jpegs, tiffs, PDFs and Microsoft Office, for example). And do so in over 35 languages.

Connect to Xerox Easy Translator Service. Then enjoy benefits that include:

  • Increased work productivity: Xerox® Easy Translator’s intuitive user interface makes adoption easy whether from a Xerox MFP, a smartphone or via the Xerox web portal.
  • Accurate and fast translations: At the touch of a button, translate documents into foreign languages while retaining the format of the hardcopy originals.
  • A sharpened competitive edge: Engage new business by quickly localising and sharing documents.
  • Added business value: Communicate with customers faster and in their own language.
  • World-Class optical character recognition: Automatically convert non-editable documents into an editable format for additional translation edits, if needed.

Xerox® Easy Translator Portal: three levels, many benefits

In addition to instantly translating documents via your MPF, Xerox® Easy Translator Web Portal enables users to choose from three levels of human translation services. With just a few clicks, access:

  1. Express: Super fast and super affordable. Express empowers businesses with a quick document rendering by generating a general translation of your desired language.
  2. Professional: Perfect for sharing documents like contracts, articles, guides and proposals. Professional services start by having your document translated by a highly trained professional. It is then proofread by a dedicated editor.
  3. Expert: Made for sharing documents rich in scientific or business-specific content. Xerox’s dedicated specialists, who have advanced training in the relevant disciplines, ensure the highest levels of terminological and stylistic accuracy.

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