Press release date: 29th April 2016
RDT Office Solutions Group Ltd, one of Europe’s leading document and business process management providers, has opened a new branch in Nottingham.

The moves forms part of a strategic plan to expand outreach down the spine of the UK.

“Last year, we invested in opening an office in Leeds,” said RDT CEO, Derek Russell. “The expansion means more businesses across the UK, the East Midlands and Europe can now access our services. Setting up in Nottingham is therefore the perfect choice.”

RDT plans to recruit “local talent” in bringing its “unique blend of document and business process management” services to businesses across the region, he added.

Unravelling business process knots in Notts

The branch, which opened in the city’s creative quarter on April 2nd 2016, is headed up by Nottingham local Toni Gibiino.

Mr Gibiino believed the move would be “fantastic” for the local economy. “Nottingham is such a happening city. It’s also a place close to my heart. RDT has parachuted its offering into the historic Lace Market within Nottingham and there’s an absolute need for what we do.”

Earlier in 2016, RDT won Xerox’s coveted Partner and Platinum Partner of the Year awards.

“The company,” commented Mr Gibiino, “is going from strength to strength. The branch opening is reflective of the massive changes at RDT in terms of our customer offering.”

“The reality is that people don’t want to be sold photocopiers anymore. RDT has evolved beyond this singular mentality. We’ve transformed into a full document solution.”

Unoptimised business and document processes represented a “big cost” for organisations. With “too much time” invested in managing non-essential processes, Mr Gibiino said focus was being pulled away from “their real business”.

“RDT’s business process outsource team takes away this strain. It means people can revert back to the reasons why they started a business in the first place. We’ll deal with managing processes and reducing costs, whilst they take care of business.”

Processing better business

CEO, Mr Russell, said his company would look to streamline processes in business across Nottingham and the surrounding area.

“The RDT proposition differs as we are offering to take costs out of businesses. We achieve this through document management, business process outsourcing, business telecoms and leading-edge technological solutions.”

RDT, he impressed, is a “forward-thinking” technology and service company.

“We don’t, for instance, want businesses to print more. We want them to become more effective, print less and improve their wider processes.”

You can find the new branch at: RDT Office Solutions (Central), Sutton Place, 49 Stoney Street, The Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1LX

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Local career opportunities


RDT is organised and agile, relentlessly creative and laser-focused on driving forward an experience that exceeds customers’ expectations. The aim is to continually raise the bar on what constitutes quality document management and business telecoms.

Got what it takes to join the team? Great!

  • We’re on the lookout to invest in brainwork and skills in the Nottingham area
  • 7 positions are currently available
  • We’re looking to take on a mix of graduates and experienced consultants/salespeople

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More about RDT

A maze of processes runs alongside your business’s core activities. And, as you grow, so do the number and complexity of these processes. Skills and resource gaps are created. The question then arises: should we employ in-house or outsource?

This is how RDT Office Solutions Group Ltd transforms organisations. We take care of internal processes so you can take care of the real business.

We’ve been doing this for 15 years. We are an independent business. We are made up of real people. Business process management is what we do. What you get is new levels of efficiency, productivity and control.

Process better business

The technological sprawl perpetually invites new challenges to the doors of your business. RDT keeps you apace of process changes with an ever-evolving service portfolio. We’re not a reactive business. We are proactive.

Change the way your business shares information by outsourcing management of costly processes. Streamline document workflows, print, technology and software. RDT will even manage your HR, admin, accounts and marketing.

Results for you mean results for us.

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  • Matthew Pattinson

    Nice work guys – look forward to visiting

  • Toni Gibiino

    Look forward to seeing you.

  • John Kiddle

    Well done guys, the office is looking smart

  • Toni Gibiino

    Thanks John We’re very proud of our set up in the Lace Market. Feel free to pop in for a coffee any time.