In the world of business process outsourcing, a dedicated employee works for you. They are tasked with managing specific processes. They do so remotely. They work from a location outside of your office. They fill skill gaps in your business at a fraction of the cost of adding permanent members of staff to your team.

Can we bring more than one dedicated employee onboard? Yes, you can. And, depending on your needs, RDT can build a full outsourcing department.

Either way, your dedicated employee will be highly skilled in meeting your challenges. They work on-demand and are available around the clock.

And, because we continually invest in significant in-house skills, your dedicated employee will be primed to work in your specific sector.

RDT provides office space, desks, equipment, computing and the infrastructure – whatever your dedicated employee needs to manage your processes. This generates additional cost and time savings.

Your dedicated employees work only for you. They are part of your team. And they work your chosen hours.