Who is RDTelecoms for?

RDTelecoms connects small, medium and large organisations with improved productivity and customer service. One site? Multiple sites? Small team? Large team? Size doesn’t matter with RDTelecoms.

We work with the world’s leading vendors. This means we only ever recommend the best communication systems for your business. And, as your needs are unique, we’ll tailor your package around them. The end result? Cost savings and improved productivity.

Competitive finance options makes life easier for you. And, and in the unlikely event of a fault occurring, RDTelecoms can offer 24/7 support. In fact, 75% of faults are fixed without having to send out an engineer.

Right now, RDTelecoms is helping thousands of businesses just like yours. With hundreds of features and add-ons, as your business grows, your communications system can grow with you.

RDTelecoms is used by businesses who:

95% of our customers love us.

That’s because their phone systems are off the hook!

Ready to ring up better business? Great. The first step towards streamlining your telecoms starts right here, today. And tomorrow you’ll be reaping the rewards of increased productivity and financial savings.

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